About Money Pit Diaries

Money Pit Diaries      Welcome to the Money Pit Diaries.

I am Julie, owner and creator of Money Pit Diaries.  The creation of the blog in September 2016 is to document the progress in my self created challenge.   The challenge is to generate an extra $100 per month.  The idea of the challenge is  to help pay off credit card debt and student loans.  As a result we have an investment account where we can monitor the results.  Our hope to the investments is some kind of an investment that returns more than a standard savings account.

Idea for the Blog Money Pit Diaries

The idea for the blog is to create an environment that has a host of information in one place.  There will be a host of information included on the blog.  Topics will include information on saving, making money, investing and paying down debt.

One idea is to show you how I am able to make an extra $100 plus dollars a month.  This will include how I manage to do this each month plus give you ideas on how you can do the same thing.  I would love to have others along for the ride.  So if you are interested in going through their own money challenge please sign on.  My vision for this blog being an interactive space where we can share ideas and tactics that worked for us each month.

Lets take the challenge journey together. Lets share and explore together. Please share your ideas on how we can make and save more money, invest the money wisely while paying down debt as we go.  Lets go through this financial journey to freedom together.

You can find my first months income report here.