Start a blog in about 20 minutes

How to start a blog

How to start a blog…

I decided to create this tutorial on how to start a blog to help others who desire to start a blog of their own.  I hope this information is useful and informative in your journey creating your blog.

Since I started this self-imposed challenge of making at least $100 per month in extra income, I wanted a way of tracking my progress along the way. I decided the best way would be to create a blog to track the progress as well as hold me accountable so I would continue the quest and not just give up.

If you are interested in taking this journey with me, you should consider creating your own blog to track your progress. How do you start your own blog? Well, you have come to the right place. This is how I created my blog, it’s quick and easy…


Some links below contain affiliate links. This means that I earn a small commission when you sign up through these links BUT you will also receive the discount or cash reward mentioned for signing up through these links.

Finding a blog name…

My recommendation would be to start your blog with a self-hosted site using This type of site give you the flexibility and control over your blog. By going this route there will be a small cost involved, but in my opinion it is worth the control you gain going this route. Now it’s time to narrow down a name for your new blog.
This will be your blog name and the URL link. My recommendation is to find a name that fits your blog. Make it unique in a way to set your blog apart and be memorable. Another fun way is to check out BUST A NAME. By entering a few key words, it will help come up with different variations, give it a try to see what it comes up with for your new blog. Or you can check a domain name availability with the Bluehost link below.

Your blog name is perfect, now it is time to get it registered so that no one can take it from you.

1.) Registering the domain.

a. You can choose to register with the same company you choose to host your domain with or you can choose another company. By choosing another company you add an extra layer of security for your blog. For this I used Go Daddy. It was quick, easy, and inexpensive to secure the domain Money Pit Diaries. No need to sign up for all the extras they offer, just click through them. If you have plan on having affiliate links on your blog this is a must for you. Most affiliate networks and advertising companies will not work with you for just a blog, making it almost impossible to monetize. It also helps with your Google views to have you own self-hosted site rather than a hosted blog.  To register your domain click HERE.
b. COST $18.34 for 2 years ($ .76 a month).

2.) Deciding on a hosting service.

a. In making the decision for a hosting provider you want to sign up with a provider that is reputable and trustworthy. This is the provider where your blog will be stored. It their site continually goes down, so will your blog. Make sure they they offer good support to their customers so that any issues you may experience get resolved quickly. I chose to host my blog Money Pit Diaries with It was quick and easy to pick my domain and I chose to pay for the first two years up front. I had read many recommendations on their reliability, speed and their pricing.
b. If you are interested in getting started right away with minimal cost, Bluehost is a great choice. Sign up HERE through the affiliate link, they may offer some additional discounts. (Thank you for supporting Money Pit Diaries).
c. COST $142.84 for 2 years ($5.95 a month, my price, currently $3.95 per month).

Once you are on the Bluehost home page, click on the large green “get started now” button.

3.) Deciding on a platform for your blog.

a. I had decided on WordPress for my blog platform. I have limited blog exposure so I went with the only one I had heard about. After reading reviews this platform seemed to be the most user friendly and easiest to get set up. They have plug-ins that help make the experience easy for people like me who can not write code to create their own blog.
b. COST $ 0.00

4.) Installing WordPress through Bluehost.

a. Now, it is time to go back to and log in. This will take you to the C-Panel (your control panel). Honestly, this is where the lack of technical expertise comes in for me. I got completely hung up here and could not figure out how to get past this step. I finally got wise and turned to YouTube, but not after spending $50 I didn’t need to spend, bummer. I hope to help you through this part so you do not waist the $50.

• To start; log into your cPanel using your login information.
• Next, find the area labeled “Website”. There should be a button that says “Install WordPress”.
• Next, using the drop-down menu click on your domain name.
• Once on the installation screen click on the button that says “install”.
o Click on “show advanced options”
• Choose a name for your site, you can always change it later.
• Create login for WordPress.
• Check “automatically create a new database for installation” and “I have read the terms and conditions of the GPLv2”. Then click “install now”.
• Once the bar across the top turns green, WordPress has been installed successfully.

Login to your email at this point. Mojo Marketplace will have sent you an email. Within this email contains your websites URL, your admin login URL and your login username. Don’t lose this information, it expires after 12 hours.
From the email, click on the admin URL. Login to the admin site.
This will take you to the WordPress dashboard. This is where you can customize your blog. This is also where I got lost…then turned to YouTube to put me back on track…

What not to do:
I chose a theme out of the free themes in the Mojo Marketplace, but could not figure out how to get it to do what I thought I wanted it to do. So, I thought it must just be limited because it was free. I ended up wasting a lot of time browsing the different themes in the Mojo Marketplace. Not sure what I needed/wanted I purchased a theme for $50 and ended up back at the original free theme I had chosen at the beginning. This is after I found a tutorial on YouTube. If you need some help in navigating and getting started in WordPress, here is a link to a wonderful tutorial. He takes you step by step on how to start up your blog.

5.) Choosing a theme.

a. Choosing the theme will determine the visual aspect of your blog. The layout, background, navigation bar, colors, fonts and social media buttons. From the guidance of Andrew Allen in his YouTube video I chose the Vantage theme. I followed his layout and created my own design and theme based on his beginnings.

6.) Creating content.

a. This is where your creativity kicks in. Where you need to come up with the bread and butter of your blog. Next step…adding the content. Now it is time to go out there and create a space for your blog…best of luck in your endeavors.

Items that I thought were helpful in creating my blog:

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Now it is your turn to start your own blog…

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